"The secrets of eternity neither you know, nor I; And of this enigma, neither you speak, nor I.
Behind the curtain there is talk of you and I; When it falls shall neither you remain, nor I."
(Khayyam, 1048-1131)

Psychoanalysis, founded by Freud more than a century ago, is a talking cure. Yes! “Talking cure”! We see people talk and talk endlessly everyday to ears; own and the recipients’. Is it really curative to them? Do they mean what they say? Do they know what they really want or the others want from them? Confusion!

Our contemporary time leads us to rush, to run and to circle. Nowadays many people are looking desperately for a private space to sit back and think about what is wrong with their life and why does it always go wrong at a certain time? Why does it repeat over and over?

While many professional approaches in mental health try to conform people with particular sets of behavioural patterns, what is concerned in the analytic approach is the particularity of every human subject's circumstances.
Psychoanalysis is a constructive process which offers an understanding of our difficulties cause(s) through questioning everyday life discourse. This involves an access to an unconscious knowledge to be obtained through
an adventurous journey of exploring memories and events from childhood, dreams and fantasies, roots of beliefs and ideas formation, feelings ...  By help of such unique discovery, we find and come to term with our limitations from a particular subjective position. Therefore, we will be able to deal with our issues differently.